One of the most amazing characteristics we read about Jesus life is that He was genuinely concerned for people.  He didn’t spend His time simply sympathizing with people- He showed them compassion.  Compassion moves us to move people in a positive direction – a kind word, a prayer, sharing the Gospel, meeting a physical need, and more.  Often times Jesus’ compassion led people into God’s plan for their life, and we hope to do the same.

At Hillside our vision is that through compassion people are pointed into a life with Jesus Christ.


Friendships are key in any environment of life: business, work, sports, school, boards, and we believe church should be no different. Friendships can propel your faith to new heights.  We believe it’s through friendships many of us came to know Jesus Christ. We put energy and resources behind our small groups so that WE can do life with healthy friendships.


The early church was marked by generosity.  There were some who had much to give, others who had little, but they were generous with what they had.  Hillside believes in leveraging our time, talent, and treasure to advance the Kingdom of God through the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We want to be a church that is marked by a lifestyle of generosity.

In the book of Acts we see that every believer contributed by praying, serving and giving.  We are called to do the same as followers of Jesus Christ.


Our church services are an opportunity for you to hear God’s Word, experience His presence in and through worship, and join with others as we celebrate God, His grace, and His resurrection. Messages are communicated in a way that is practical and can be applied to your life.


God knows everyone of us.  He has a plan for our lives but ultimately they fall into His plan for humanity – that they may receive salvation, His forgiveness from sin, and know Him personally.  Hillside wants to equip you by strengthening your journey with God so that you can thrive in your family, friendships, and the world around you.  Our growth track provides a great route to growing in your faith in God and your relationship with Him.