Our current series is the book study from the Book of James found in the New Testament.  This is one of the most practical and foundational books in all the Bible.  It was written by the half-brother of Jesus Christ himself.  Over the centuries since it’s writing James has been a guiding light of practical Christianity for the church as a whole, as well as individuals who profess Jesus as Lord.  Join us on Sunday’s and/or listen to our latest messages as we study from the book of James – 5 chapters that have helped shape culture and the world as Christians have chosen to practically live out their faith in God.

Message Series’ are ways that we frame our Sunday morning messages.  Pastor Paul, or another communicator, typically share within the framework of a series.  These messages can be topical (dealing with a specific topic or theme), exegetical (verse by verse study of Scripture), or a mixture of both.

The One Year Bible is the daily Scripture reading plan that our Pastor, and others at Hillside, participate in on a daily basis.  By using the One Year Bible you will read from the Old Testament, New Testament, as well as the Psalms and Proverbs daily.  By the end of the calendar year you will have read through the entirety of the Bible.  The daily reading’s are typically between 15-20 minutes a day.